22 February 2023

Mice In The Attic

[embed][/embed] Why Do We Have Mice In The Attic? Mice... Read More

17 January 2023

Checking a Wildlife Humane Live Trap

[embed][/embed]   Wildlife Humane Live Trap   A wildlife... Read More

9 January 2023

Rat vs Mouse Droppings

When it comes to identifying pests in your home, one of the most important clues to look for is droppings.... Read More

9 January 2023

Rats vs Mice Nesting Behaviour

Rats vs. Mice Nesting Overview: Rats and mice are both small rodent creatures that can often be found living... Read More

9 January 2023

Identifying a Mouse Infestation

Identifying a Mouse Infestation in a Residential Home: Mice are a common problem in residential homes. They... Read More

6 January 2023

Wildlife Trap Cover: Why Use Them?

[embed][/embed] What Is a Wildlife Trap Cover? A wildlife trap... Read More

4 January 2023

Bedbugs On a Mattress: Identification

[embed][/embed] Bedbugs are small, wingless insects that feed... Read More

16 December 2022

How To: Setting A Humane Wildlife Trap

[embed][/embed]   A Guide to Ethical and Effective Animal... Read More

16 December 2022

Pest Protection Plus Inc-Who We Are

  Who We Are: Pest Protection Plus Inc. is a leading pest control, rodent... Read More

15 December 2022

Humane Wildlife Trapping Explained

Humane Wildlife Trapping: [embed][/embed]   What Is Humane... Read More

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