6 March 2022

Where Mice Nest & Feed...

Mice Living Outdoors Almost all landscapes across the globe have mice. Mice are tiny rodents that nest and... Read More

4 March 2022

Raccoons In Urban Areas

Why Raccoons are in residential areas like Toronto: People think that raccoons are mainly found in forested... Read More

25 February 2022

Health Risks That Rats Cause

Rat Infestations: Illness, Disease and How They Spread Rat infestations are very common and most of you... Read More

14 February 2022

Are Raccoons Active In The Winter? Yes!

Do Raccoons Hibernate During The Winter? If you wake up sometime in the middle of the night to the sound of... Read More

12 February 2022

What Health Risks Do Mice Cause?

A mice infestation is a nuisance, but did you know that they pose a major health risk to you and your family?... Read More

11 June 2021

Avoiding Having to Deal with Wasps...

Raccoons, skunks and squirrels have come out of hibernation for the winter and had their first batch of... Read More

4 June 2021

Some Serious Health Risks Nuisance...

The season is in full swing and we’re fielding more skunk, raccoon and other wildlife calls than we ever... Read More

30 August 2020

Ready for Another Round of Baby...

The kids are getting ready to go back to school, and with the recent run of cool temperatures, it’s not... Read More

15 August 2020

How to Treat a Bee Sting, Wasp Sting or...

Late summer is the most active time for bees, wasps and hornets as they’ve made their nests, laid their... Read More

30 July 2020

How to Tell the Difference Between...

It’s that time of the summer when you’re likely to see more hornets and wasps flying around your... Read More

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