Raccoons In Toronto

14 December 2022


Raccoons In Toronto

Toronto is home to a large population of raccoons. The population is estimated to be around 200,000. Raccoons in Toronto are found in both urban and rural areas and can be seen in backyards, parks, and other public spaces. The Raccoons  have become a nuisance in the city, often rummaging through garbage cans and stealing food from outdoor pets.

Raccoon Behaviour:

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and are most active at night. They are also highly adaptable and are known to survive in a variety of habitats. In Toronto, they are commonly found in wooded areas, along riverbanks, and in abandoned buildings. The raccoons in Toronto can cause considerable damage to property. They are highly inquisitive and will often chew through walls and wires in search of food. They are also carriers of disease, so it is important to keep your distance and avoid contact with these animals.

City Rules:

The City of Toronto implemented several measures to control the raccoon population, including a ban on feeding them and programs to trap and relocate them. It is important to note that trapping and relocating raccoons is not a long-term solution. The best way to reduce the number of raccoons in the city is to ensure that garbage and food sources are secure. By following these steps raccoons in Toronto will be less of a nuisance.

If you are in the City of Toronto and raccoons are causing you trouble, it is important contact a professional wildlife removal company. There are humane options to solve your raccoon issue! It is important that you use a reliable and licensed company to ensure that the animals are treated with respect. 

It is recommended that all neighbours and dwellings around you follow the same protocols to prevent raccoons. If there is a food or nesting source close by to you, it will attract the raccoons. 


raccoon in a trap
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