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Toronto Wildlife Removal And Pest Control Services

Toronto Pest Control Services You Can Trust!

We provide wildlife and pest control services in Toronto – and we guarantee our results!

Canada’s largest city is built on the shores of a lake and boasts many beautiful parks, conservation areas and natural habitat. What does this mean? Lots of animals and bugs are never too far away!

Skunks, raccoons, mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, hornets and wasps, squirrels and ants are some of the more common types of animals and insects that you’ll find in the Toronto and surrounding areas.

As the commercial epicenter of the entire country and especially the local area, Toronto is always subject to outsiders bringing in unwanted pests. Tens of thousands of people commute in from the suburbs on a daily basis and tens of thousands of business people visit Toronto each year. What does this mean? There’s a pretty good chance insects, wildlife and other pests will be hitching a ride into Toronto at any time.

Add in the busy entertainment district with lots of pubs, bars and restaurants and the many hotels supporting the local tourist and business travellers, and you’ve got the perfect opportunity for any number of undesired visitors.


Toronto pest control services

Pest Protection Plus provides pest control services in Toronto that you can count on!

We offer 24×7 emergency service, our technicians are all trained and experienced, and we guarantee our work!

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